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Pete Raven

Dutch football tournament

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Posted on behalf of Kathy and the NCISA (non-members are more than welcome to join if they fancy playing):

"My name is Jos van Tilburg. I''m a Sparta Rotterdam fan. I''m also an organization member of the Dutch Indoor Football Supporters Tournament Vreeloofancup. We are searching for a British football team to participate in the biggest Dutch Indoor Football Supporters Tournament Vreeloofancup. A business colleague of mine is Norwich City season ticket holder and he refered to the website: www.ncisa.co.uk as a contact possibility for us to enquire participation interest?

There are sixteen supporters football teams in the tournament. There are four groups. The tournament date is on saturday 5 june 2004. Accommodations will be arranged and are free of charge.

Our website: www.vreeloofancup.nl refers"

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