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The Great Drinkell

Would you risk it?

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Try this for a senario,

Would you gamble your house on this fact - if Huckerby and Crouch stayed at CarrowRoad Norwich City would be playing Premiership next season?

The prize if you are right is a much larger property (bought) possibly a new car and cash in the bank.

The cost if your wrong is you and your beloved are homeless penny less and hunger.

If you would honestly say you would risk the above - I would suggest you might like to discuss this matter with members of your family.

If you answered No - Then why should the football club????

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Because the scenario is different. The club is in quite good order. If things didn''t work out as we all wish, the club would still survive and most supporters would, I believe, back the board next year on the basis that they had least given it a go.
I would rather go four steps forward and two back - that''s progress!

You might not like what Ipswich have done but they will get away with it. Their supporters couldn''t careless that they sit in a decent ground that has not and may never will be paid for. Of course I don''t advocate that road but their supporters do have that opinion - believe me.

OK I wait for the usual replies ''Tahn are in big trouble if they don''t go this year''. Well they may well go up which will get buy them a lot of time. If they don''t go up and someone comes along and offers to put some money in I guarantee they won''t refuse on the basis that his money was made on horse racing!!! (I know I know Mr Davey only mentioned Scumsville for effect but you get my drift)

Finally Delia and Michael have done a marvellous job with the club but should things go really wrong they won''t lose too much money, if any at all. Land values etc etc

I suggest you read the post by Graham Paddons Beard or any of the Wizards post. You have your opinion which I respect but I do get fed up with this constant sensible righteous attitude.

I think the board will surprise you. I think they are thinking positively and that there could be exciting times ahead.

For all those of you who preach prudence all the time I say order your pacemakers and hang on - you could be in for a shocking ride. Oh and don''t forget to wear your cycle helmets!

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I think you have missed the point here.

The board will not suprise me. I have faith in this lot and recognize what thinking positive is, looking after the best interests of the club not pandering to the absurd demands of a vociferous minority. Anyone watching the club spend nearly a half million in three months is aware that this was not a one off but part of a longer term strategy.

Those who you castigate as having a " sensible righteous attitude " are merely stating what Basil Fawlty would term as ''the bleedin obvious''. Let the board decide. If they choose to spend the same, double or treble that then good luck. They know what they are doing you don''t.

For you to compare us with the paupers down the road is absurd. They had little to lose and so were happy to go belly up. Local traders " let them eat cake "

Putting ourselves into a position where we could not meet the outgoings would quickly see us
in administration. We have a ground and surrounding land to be grabbed. They didn''t.

Almost all the best players would go including the loanees who we would have to find money pay up their contracts. Still Green, Drury, Jarvis and McVeigh should just cover that.

And we would kick of the next season with a handicap of a ten point penalty.

And as to trying to justify your argument by dragging in the binners then it is a measure of the emptyness of your argument that the views of those self deluding simpletons need be used. Of course the idiots down south care about sitting in a ground they haven''t paid for.

They are paying for it. TWO MILLION and rising. And that is the one debt they can''t escape from, barring going out of business;

How desperate was Lord Sheepy''s appeal for season ticket holders to pay with cash so as to stop the money going direct to the securitisation people ?

That is also why they''ve had to sell off players cheap to pay off others. That is why Bent has gone the same way as Sereni and Le Pen. Why when the truef igures come out it may well be seen thethe money actually finally recieved was far lower than that quoted.

Just because their fans are too stupid to make the equation does not make for a good argument nor does having a cheap pop at those who urge restraint.

The restraint I urge is not on the board but on fans like yourself who are working themselves up into a frenzy of blind belief. How convenient it all will be if we don''t get promoted.

The board can become pantomime villians and we can all have a new aunt sally to vent our frustrations on.

There is a famous cartoon of the ''59 cup run where the dumpling and the canary citizen are looking down the hill at Wembley after being ''cheated'' out of their cup final place.

The Dumplings says to the Canary " we shouldha'' bin there bor "

I''m sure most of us feel that everytime we watch the Premiership on tv. It''s just some of us don''t want to be saying that from the lower divisions of the football league.

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My goodness Master Green I have ruffled your feathers. Just thought I would stir it up and what do I get? An incredibly pompous reply.

A lot of what you say is correct but I think your fingers were getting carried away on your keyboard and despite your rantings you were, in part. actually agreeing with me.

What spoiled it all was the not very polite references to our blue chums down the road. You can''t have it both ways on a single posting. Either you must portray an intelligent human being and make your various point, or you should relieve a boring evening by extending these discussions like one does in the pub prior to a game.

Chill out mate. Go out and have a laugh, it will do you the world of good!!

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You are the kind of person who would obviously like to live in the large house with paid car etc. So am I - I am also a fan who would love to see Norwich rub shoulders - and compete -with the top teams each week not each year in the F.A.Cup.

The board stated when they first appointed Worthy that he was part of a longer term plan to regain premiership status. We very nearly managed it in year 1, we weren''t far away from another chance last year and seem to be in a good position to have another go this season.

Last season could you see the board agreeing to risk/ pay for the three loanies we have had the pleasure of recently? This is progress and next year will probably be better still no matter which division we find ourselves in.

If we throw everything at it this year and fail then pick your favourite five players from this year and imagine the team without them next season,where do you see us finishing with out Green, Dury, Mulryne,Mcveigh etc!

If we all keep supporting the club and the board I honestly beleive our time will come.

Good things are best acheived if they are sustainable.

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