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Swifty McVeigh

How things have changed...

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I can remember exactly 2 years ago to the day (after we lost in the playoff final) how ensuring Phil Mulryne signed his new contract was to me, and Im sure many others, the most important thing for the football club.

We are now 2 years down the line, have gained promotion and the future for Mulryne seems up in the air again - this time with the situation reversed !!

Obviously this is down to a lot of inspired signings by worthy - who would have thought Roberts, Neilsen and Abbey would have been repalced with Leon, Hucks, Svennson. Nedergaard replaced by Eddie, and McVeigh, Mullers and Brennan only getting on the bench. I would have personally preferrred to keep Cooper ahead of Bentley, but we will see what happens there....

Lets make sure we get Jagkeilka (or how ever you spell his name !) and maybe a Glen Johnson or someone on loan now they''ve signed Ferreria. Also, someone like Graverson would be perfect - after seeing him at Goodison this year he looked quality and is out of contract I think !

I''m going for Lower MidTable this year (12th or 13th)

Keep It Low

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