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  1. Imagine if you will, a young Nigel Worthington..... Hardworking, reliable, dependable, not very skillfull, but always gave 100% Sound like anyone we know ?? What are Worthy''s ethics as a manager for his players ?? Well, we know all about his diciplined approach, allah Rivers, Eastern, Mullers, Brennan etc. Boys who liked to go out on the town and get wrecked and for some reason also never seemed to be able to nail down a spot in the first team (remember stoke away last year - Mullers was class, but still dropped back to the bench for the next game). Now imagine the complete opposite of this ''type'' of person Anyone ?? It''s him again isn''t it.   Someone who won''t rock the boat, doesn''t drink, always gives 100%.  Your ideal pro.  A player everyone wants.  Unfortunately he can''t pass a ball and so it is now up to Worthy to break his Moral views, and perhaps go with those who are creative and not just hardworking.  Tough on Holt - a brilliant Div 1 player where your up and at ''em approah is the way to beat those teams, but in the Prem it has to be Mullers/Safri for the second spot in the middle - my preference I hear you say....   Got to be Mullers.    
  2. After reading a few old gripes on here, there are a few whichh are becoming slightly annoying. Lets look at the facts. We will not finish below 15th. No chance. Why you cry ? WE WERE THE BEST TEAM IN DIVISION 1 BY A MILE LAST YEAR. We have now improved as a squad. Bolton, Man City, Portsmouth, Palace, WBA, Everton, Fulham to name a few are all RUBBISH. Name me one decent player they have signed since last season. Out of all of them. Charlton, Birmingham and Middlesbro'' are mediocre at best. We''ve now paid our dues. I repeat, WE HAVE NOW PAID OUR DUES. No more Gillingham away on a wednesday night losing 1-0''s. Fleming bullet headers ruled out for pushing in injury time. We are gonna do fantasticlly this year, I''m sure the players believe it - but do the fans ? If you aim to finish 4th from bottom you WILL be relegated. We should be looking at Mid-Table - we won''t emulate what the Binmen achieved but we will be a Leicester side managed by O''Neill in the late Ninety''s... LETS START BELIEVING RATHER THAN WORRY........ WHO WANTS THAT...... Certainly not the Players, the Management, or Me....
  3. After having the misfortune of being born and raised in sunny Great Yarmouth, I lived in Chelmsford, Essex for 5 years, surrounded by tons of scum fans, and have just moved to Cambridge - any one else from here ?
  4. Just thinking that as realistically we will be in the bottom half of the table most of the season, does anyone else think Worthy is gonna go for glory in the Coca Cola cup this year for a change... I personally think he will instead of resting key players as in previous years and the result being embarrasing. If we get a good draw I think we should at least make quarters /semi''s as I don''t think the big guns will be bothered in winning it, and Id fancy us away against anyone in division one... Come on boys, lets have another trophy - look at the final last year Bolton V Middlesboringh, We''d fancy our chances against either of these.... EUROPE HERE WE COME.... (Could you imagine it.....)
  5. Norwich Team V Palace, Opening day.... 1. Robert Green 2. Glen Johnson 3. Adam Drury 4. Phil Jageilka 5. Craig Fleming 6. Thomas Graverson 7. Phil Mulryne 8. David Bentley 9. Darren Huckerby 10. David Johnson 11. Kennedy (Wolves)
  6. Mine would have to be the punch up in the tunnel at Half-Time at Rotherham (right in front of me !) Get in there Leon !!
  7. Fuller would be a fantastic signing for us, at Carrow Road he looked quality, however my dream team for the Palace game is now as follows.... 1. Greeno 2. Glen Johnson (3 month loan) 3. Fleming 4. Jageilka (prob not spelt right) (1m) 5. Drury 6. Bentley 7. Safri / Holt (500k) 8. Francis 9. Brennan 10. Huckerby 11. Fuller (1.5m) Subs From : Mulryne, McVeigh, Holt / Safri, Gallagher, McKenzie, Svennson, Edworthy, Malky
  8. Well done 1st Wizard, Maybe ''hate'' was a tad strong on reflection, and I agree, dislike is probably much more appropriate. During my ''growing up as you seem to suggest'' I have noticed that there are two definate types of people on this earth, those for whom the glass is always half full, and you my friend where it is always half empty no matter the circumstances.... Lets stay positive boys and cheer the ladson, not slag them off behind their backs - they deserve better than your comments Wizard. You should be ashamed of yourself. Keep It Low
  9. After reading some of the messages posted about Safri on here I really do wonder why some of you people bother to support Norwich or go to the games !! Although I had no idea we would sign him, he is a QUALITY player - last year at Carrow Rd he and Gary McAllister tore our ''passing team'' to complete shreds - Completely dominated us !! We were hanging on for the last 40 minutes for the draw !! In my opinion some the moaners amongst us probably only listen to the games on the radio, have no idea what goes on in the real world and were last seen at Carrow Rd 30 years ago !! Safri is a better player than Gary Holt and will start alongside Francis against Palace !! Some of you people need to get a grip and get behind the boys, rather than winge on here !!
  10. I can remember exactly 2 years ago to the day (after we lost in the playoff final) how ensuring Phil Mulryne signed his new contract was to me, and Im sure many others, the most important thing for the football club. We are now 2 years down the line, have gained promotion and the future for Mulryne seems up in the air again - this time with the situation reversed !! Obviously this is down to a lot of inspired signings by worthy - who would have thought Roberts, Neilsen and Abbey would have been repalced with Leon, Hucks, Svennson. Nedergaard replaced by Eddie, and McVeigh, Mullers and Brennan only getting on the bench. I would have personally preferrred to keep Cooper ahead of Bentley, but we will see what happens there.... Lets make sure we get Jagkeilka (or how ever you spell his name !) and maybe a Glen Johnson or someone on loan now they''ve signed Ferreria. Also, someone like Graverson would be perfect - after seeing him at Goodison this year he looked quality and is out of contract I think ! I''m going for Lower MidTable this year (12th or 13th) Keep It Low
  11. Green Fleming Malky Drury Brennan Holt Francis (a)/Mulryne (h) McVeigh Svennson Huckerby McKenzie What does everyone else think ? This gives you Drury, McVeigh and Hucks down he left as we all want Brennan is a wing back - not a left-back, so why not put him on the right to cut in with his boomer, with Gary Holt linking in with him as cover, with Fleming also to cover for a bit more solidity. We also have the little and large up front pairing of Hucks and Svennson PLUS Leon the Goal Machine !! Surely we can try this out against Stoke at home and have Edworthy on bench if it goes wrong, but I can''t see how it will....
  12. Has anybody else noticed who our next game is after the loans run out.... Who wouldn''t you want it to be against ? ....and where wouldn''t you want it to be....?
  13. OK, I thinK we all now realise that raising the money to sign DH is going to be a problem, so the only way we are going to get him here permanently is going to have to be on a player swap. By my reckoning we have two unpopular possible solutions : 1. Greeno for Huckerby & Nicky Weaver Man City have asked for £850k fo Huckerby and rumours report that they are interested in Green - what shall we value him at - I suspect most fans would say £3m, but lets for the sake of arguement say £1.5m. By just swaping with Hucks that would leave us without a GK and £650k profit. I for one don''t want to see Cricton as our first choice, no disrespect to him, so would instead take Nicky Weaver instead of the cash, as he''s a good keeper and would jump at the chance to be first choice for Div 1 leaders in Dec rather than 4th choice at Man City behind Green, Seaman and Nash. I would be gutted to see Green go, but what do u want - Green and Roberts or Weaver and Huckerby. The next problem we come onto is his wages of a 3 year contract. Again it''s reported he would want between £10k-£15k a week, so we''ll take an average of £12.5k a week for 3 years. Lets do the Math to this reported £3-4m package we''ve all been quoted by the board.... This equates to 156 weeks @ £12500 = £1.95m Robets £8k a week (fact), Abbey c.£3k week and Notman c. £1.5k per week are all out of contract at the end of May and will not have their contract renewed. This equates to a saving of c.130 weeks at £12500 = £1.63m Therefore without paying a transfer fee in Greens swap deal and continuing to pay the wages we have been for the past 2/3 years, DH will cost us ONLY a further (£1.95m-£1.63m) £320k on a 3 year deal. SURELY WE CAN AFFORD THIS - OR DO WE WANT TO GO BACKWARDS ?? Option 2. Drury for Huckerby Again speculation in papers about Drury and Man City... If we again value Drury at just £1.5m we could do the same deal as above but this time make a profit on Hucks, as we would have an extra £650k to play with as we don''t have to sign a new GK, and the club would only need to use half of that to pay his wages on a 3 year deal (£320k), PLUS we have the ready made quality replacement in Jim Brennan when fit - Shackell would have to deputise until that time, which fingers crossed isn''t to far off after reading NW''s words on here. So what do we all want ? - I would go with the Drury option
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