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is this the begiining of the end for the board?

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Hucks has quite clearly had enough form what he said.

 the sale of the 2 mercenaries (Earnie and Etuhu) apart (we shouldn''t of signed them if they had no intention of sticking about... regardless what some might say) apart, the money simply hasnt been invested wisely.

 The hard facts state that this regime is not very different to the Chase Regime.

 Money is not being spent on the team,

we are allowing quality (Ashton, Green, Svensson, McKenzie, Francis) to leave, and not replacing them

 The infrastructure is being put first.

The board can harp on about their "prudence" with ambition as much as they like but it hasnt worked....

 the hotel, the travel agents, the flats, the offices they rent out, the car dealers, Delias resturant.. all very nice to read about, very nice to hear about the Money they MIGHT bring into the club, but what good is it if we are losing money due to relegation.

 Last season was crucial. Worthington should of gone in the summer and Grant (or another) should of been appointed and given the parachute payment to spend. The board lack the guts. they are not a football board, they are business people and very succesful ones./. but they are not Football Board members. they have invested in business.. not in football.. Bricks and Mortar, not a team.

 The board clearly have little or no footballing knowledge and that has een apparent with Delia hiring Friends.

 Walker, Rioch, Hamilton, Worthington, Grant all are publically known to be pals of Delia, Never appoint friends or family... Remember how Hamilton "should of been given more time" or that "Nigel deserved a big cuddle" after Fulham.. Then there was Bob Cooper. Mr Sainsbury.. the man who, 12 months after Craig Bellamy was sold, Publically said that we didnt make a penny from the deal  as it was all made up of appearences and goals that belluz never made or scored showed up the boards short comings there and then.

 even during the Huckerby transfer Saga it was not the board who put up the money for the deal.. it was the fans and the share issue.

The ideal manager would of been someone Delia hated... someone constantly at odds with her and the rest of the board... the reason being that if the club is succesful theres no way they can be sacked.. Clough and the Forest Directors, Mourinho and Abramovic.

 The club needs to start again. if it needs a new board then so be it..

the Turners wont buyy the club.. Andrew Turner is a spurs fan, and his wife is in it because he is... we need investment.. be that a fan consortium, a businessman/woman or a former player doing a Nial quinn and coming to the rescue.

 I back Peter Grant fully.. he has had to work with minimal funds from a board who have good intentions but are missing the object of the game.. WINNING. id love us to be raking in the millions from these businesses and challenging for the premiership title but we arent.. we are heading backwards season by season.. and now is the time for the board to explain why. Delia, thanks for 9 great years., but the time has come... I ask that you actively seek a buyer for the majority shareholding you and your husband have and leave the football club in safe, stable hands who will take us to where we want to be.

 PETER GRANTS TARTAN ARMY! to the future....

jas :)

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I was with you till you said about backing McMuppet Grant, come on Jas, the man is hopeless the tartan army, i have seen more bottle in the sally army.

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