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If we win the next 10 games we will have 100 points, who was the last club to do this and when, does anyone know?

Still think 84 points will do it though. Great result tonight. Us and wba should go up we have been the most consistant teams in this league. This league is so god dame hard to get out of cant wait for us to do it, its been too long. I remember being at school and telling all my mates that we will be back in the premier within 3 seasons.

Most of my mates are Pompey fans they are worrying about going down, i would be if i supported them there gonna find it hard to bounce back if they do. Cant wait for them to say oh we will be back in the premier within 3 years. Although i have missed no going to that rubbish ground of thiers.

Oh and one last thing most people from down here cant wait for us to get back up to premiership they say the league needs us.


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