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The Duke of Norfolk

This feels no different to the end of the Worthington era....

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By this i mean that the football is still terrible and that the atmosphere and general feeling amongst the fans is still apathetic and negative.

Now i am not saying that the following would definitely have made a difference but i feel that the bad feeling and negativity has just continued on for the following reasons.

1. The board appointed Peter Grant. This may turn out to be a good appointment but i have a bad feeling it might not. My main grudge with this is that it was obviously made not from a footballing point of view but from a personal/yes man/ i like you Peter we will enjoy working with you as everyone likes you point of view.

2. Worthington has gone but his back room staff remain. This is a bone of contention for many fans. Worthington has gone but his legacy is  still very much here as are most of his players.

In order to get the fans back on side the board should have appointed the new manager from a footballing point of view and that for me would have meant Newell or Tilson getting the job. Also Worthingtons  backroom staff should  have been moved on with him and we should have started with a clean slate, but no this hasn''t been allowed to happened and for me is part of the reason the bad feeling and negativity still remains.

I haven''t explained this as well as i would have liked, but to you get the jist of what i am saying?


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