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Who will shine in the Prem?

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Since Mook has yet again managed to misinterpret a previous thread to mean that lots of us want to see most of the current squad shipped out, here''s one dedicated to the current players, all of whom that have played a significant part in our season this year we should and will keep and give a chance.
Who will make the big step up best?

I see big things for Leon, the guy has so much hunger and desire to succeed i can''t see him not performing on the premiership stage.
Hucks? The million dollar question. Premiership defenders are soooo much better than div one defenders and i just wonder if goals like the one he scored against Wigan will ever be possible. They made it look easy because there were THREE defenders and they ALL kept backing off him!
Drury will need to improve going forward but he has the kind of disciplined defending quality that should be an asset on any stage.
Equally Shackell - may be a step up too soon but i have a suspicion that he could have what it takes even now. He''s got to be better than Titus Bramble who was thrown in at a v young age and is only now beginning to look solid.
Although Francis has been dissapointingly inconsistent this season i think he will make the step same with Holt but Mullers? Not sure, he needs time on the ball and he just won''t get it.
WLY has what it takes but at right wing? I think not. Brennan is still relatively young and i feel he will be very useful.


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well............i think we def need 5 players in order to stay up: cb, cmx2,cf,rm. The last thing we cant do is be sentimental. I feel that Malky will be a bit too slow for the prem and will get exposed alot by this, we also defend too deep due to his lack of pace! Did you know we have caught teams offside only 54 times this yr, less than anyother team! Holt and Francis were out classed by Gravesen who is not even considered to be a great prem player. Ok they work hard but you do need that extra element of class!

But on a more positive note WHO will be good enough?

There is no doubting the remainder of the back 5''s quality. Green, edworthy(my player of the season),Drury and Fleming is a basis of a good defence and should hold there own. I personally believe el capitano will get the same recognition as what Greeno has just been rewarded with.

The big one tho is Hucks. My argument is that the only team he has been the main man at apart from Norwich is Coventry. We all know what he done there dont we!! He was unfortunate at Leeds and Man C to be down the pecking order and never quite got the chances he deserved. His strike rate i have been told mirrors that of Bellamy, so cant be that bad!! At Covvee he was only in his early 20''s, now he is 27 (28 nxt fri, lets do a song as suggested on a previous thread!) and approaching his peak, he is the focal part of our team and he loves living her. Its fair to say he is settled!

So........will Hucks be good enough??? My answer is, is Alan Brazil overweight!


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oops! was taking Greeno as read of course!
not for a minute suggesting that the ones i''ve mentioned are the only ones that might do well, just can''t be bothered to go through all of them!
am inviting suggestions...

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