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OK, so there is a lot of talk about our prospects for next season. With my statto hat on I took a little look back of the fate of teams winning the first division over the past decade. We still have some way to go to win it, but if we can this makes quite positive reading:

Season - Winner - Position in Prem following season

03/04 Norwich?
02/03 Portsmouth - ? Looks like they might survive
01/02 Man City - finished 9th
00/01 Fulham - finished 13th
99/00 Charlton - finished 9th
98/99 Sunderland - finished 7th
97/98 Forest - relegated in 20th
96/97 Bolton - relegated in 18th
95/96 Sunderland - relegated in 18th
94/95 Middlesborough - finished 12th
93/94 Palace - relegated in 19th

So the last time a winning team was then relegated (depending on Portsmouth) was Forest in 98/99 season.

So no, Micky Adams and co, its not a ''FACT'' that the promoted teams come straight back down. Far from it, the winners actually do quite well, at least in recent times. As for the gap getting larger, the above suggests its getting smaller, with more and more div1 champions staying up at the first go.

As for our own prospects, sure we may well get taken apart by Arsenal etc., but I''d fancy our chances against the likes of Spurs and Man City at Carrow Road at the moment!


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I thought about doing something similar but never got round to it. Interesting piece of research Ama, and very encouraging.

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