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Alex Harvey-Jones

Football rumours - what a laugh!!

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Football rumours is a priceless site!! Someone has spelling issues too! Imagine if someone pays £1million for Ian Henderson and £500k for Robinson!!! If only!!

norwich will not try to make it to the play offs just bring in the young guns. but a manger will come
in and it will be a bid name ranieri or robson are two faves.
the board has a shorlist as well
B.jones (1mill)
D.Vaungh (1.5mill)
johansson (free)
lisbe (free)
Walcott (loan)
manuel fernandes (benfica) (1mill)
bojinov (3mill)
thorne (200k)
fleming (100k)
robinson (500k)
henderson (mill)
i have reliabl sources

What a load of rubbish. Ranieri at Norwich ... oh please! Wallcott on loan wouldn''t be bad though!!

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Ha, Laughable! Yes please to the outs, £1.8 Million for 4 players out, I wish!

Why would Bojinov come here, He''s currently in a team that is 4th in Serie A!

I think someone been player LMA too Much!

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