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I stopped reading the thread when I got to the 'historic' bit and their usual beef about parachutes.

They won't complain so much about them if they do go up because they'll need them the season after.

It is always about how hard done by they are. "Poor little Ipswich Town, we always get a bad rub of the green from everybody. Don't they remember our history?"


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I'd be worried about the play offs if I was them. We're playing well enough to beat anyone except Leeds at the moment. 

They should also be worried if they do go up. Teams are promoted with a mixture of quality but I don't see any obvious Premier League standard players in their team other than perhaps the left back. They're just good championship players very well coached. A look at the current Premier League table will tell you what's going to happen. 

The other thing that they should worry about is their record in televised games. It's a strange thing but it seems to affect them. 

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