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Yellow Bridie - here's a stat for you dean

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11 hours ago, Red_Spartan said:

Something to ponder after this long thread. Why did Delia need to cry out "Let's be having you" from the pitch all those years ago? 

Brandy does wonderful things 

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On 05/01/2023 at 13:22, littleyellowbirdie said:

It actually has done. To be honest, I got so consumed by answering I've just realised I haven't finished taking down the Christmas tree.

and have an hour left to get off to a job.

Have a good day anyway and fingers crossed this place isn't already overrun with negativity before a ball's kicked under Wagner.

Yes fair play to your little yellow Bridie for holding your own and detailing your answers, and constant answers at that!

Hope you haven't taken it personal on me digging you out for that stat on this thread !

I'm dead up for the new manager (assumingly Wagner) and let's hope it is entertaining and successful for us.



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