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What Do Management Actually Do?

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Nicked this off another site.


Barry Skipper says of the "management" team "we don''t see the necessity for change and we don''t see that as being particularly relevant to the difficulties we''ve got at the moment." Which, of course, must be true since the club will not lie to the fans. But, when I look at the difficulties which we have, and which we are now told are not to do with the "management" then I am somewhat mystified as to what the "management"''s function actually is.

For example, one difficulty is team morale: "It just so low at the minute it''s indescribable.” (Drury). I had always assumed that motivating and encouraging the team was management''s job. Not at Norwich City.

Another difficulty is the team can''t actually pass the ball to each other "Today we gave the ball away far too often and we were second best on too many occasions. We were less than average, to be fair. We didn''t pass the ball...." (Worthington) I had always assumed that training and coaching the team was management''s job. Not at Norwich City.

Yet another difficulty is that we have signed players that aren''t actually good enough: Colin, Hughes, Etuhu, Thorne etc. I had always assumed that transfering players was the management''s job. Not at Norwich City.

So if motivating the team, training the team, signing the team, are all not particularly relevent to what the management do, then please tell me - what do they do?

The odd thing is, when a manager does all the things that I think a manager should do, things go rather well: ""He''s fantastic as far as I''m concerned," Mackay said of Boothroyd. "His man management is very good, his tactical awareness and technical ability on the coaching field is very good and he gives a lot of belief to the youngsters. You''re not just a number here and that can happen at some clubs. I think all the players feel wanted and it can give you that extra 1% on a Saturday.""

So why don''t we try having a manager like that?

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Why would we want our manager to say his players are good??  I want my manager to slag them off in the press!!  and sign crappers to boost the morale of the current squad!!.

I want my manager to order long balls to 4 foot strikers

I want him to sign 7 foot tall, huge towers of apathy for the midfield and headless chickens who can run all day.

I want proper skillful players to be released on a free and replaced by more headless chickens and lazy sods...

Thats why I want to keep Worthy :-)

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