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After witnessing a bunch of worthy lovers coming up with ridiciulos  reasons for him too stay, let me give the other side of the story.

1) He relegated a squad more than cabable of surviving

2) He is tactically nieve

3) He has signed crap player after crap player, etuhu, emblem, rivers, heckingbottom, briggs etc etc.

4) He falls out with players which affects morale

5) He couldnt give a dam about what the fans think

6) With all the money he has had, how are we 12th in the championship and closer to relegation than promotion.

7) How is a draw at hull a good result?

8) He is wasting our academy, by refusing to play youngsters because of their age. He prefers spending silly money on rejects who are useless.

9) He is defeatist - he said we wouldnt go up if we sold ashton, he doesnt care what the fans think and he starts jumping about like we''ve won the world cup when we score a second V ten man brighton.

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