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Norwich Vs Derby

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Personally I''m happy for Norwich that they beat Brighton 3-0, sometimes teams get a win and the whole morale will go up. Norwich will be on a high coming into the game on saturday and I hope we win again. Earny and Hucks sounded great yesterday and i hope they can follow though with this form for saturday. This could be the start on a good run for us. First win of 2006, second on saturday I hope but there''s one thing thats worring me!

NORWICH CITY3412715404743-7

Derby County           34   61711425035-8


Notice the big amount of draw''s that derby get! 50% of the games they play are draws this season and before Brighton we weren''t on form. So could it be another annoying 1 point or will Derby''s falling form get the better of them??? I predict Norwich win but it''ll be very close!

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