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  1. I will not watching the game. I do not like watching Norwich in live televised games, I either have to be at the game or I won`t watch it.
  2. I think the club has made a rod for its own back with the statement "Prudence with Ambition". It was not that long ago we were getting the statements "onwards and upwards" etc, following our promotion to the Premiership. To be brutally harsh about it given, the financial clout (or lack of it) that we have then the best we can hope for is being a half decent Championship side who every now and again flirts with the play offs/promotion. I agree with what Sons of Boadicea says about the Board hoping we get through to January without any injuries and still being in contention is as big a gamble as bringing in two or three players during the transfer window, to use his/her analogy I fear it is going to be more "fish and chips" than "steak" - I really hope I am wrong
  3. Saint Canary - I am not convinced that it is all down to Leon, neither am I convinced that his request was a "bolt out of the blue" as has been suggested in some quarters. We have ben looking for a target man all summer, the fact one never materialised is not down to Leon. The fact is that Norwich were looking to replace Leon before they got another player in, which I do not have a problem with, but it is also a fact that we had enough time to do it, as I have said in a separate post, if we had been keeping tabs on Cotterill for so long, and we rated him so highly why did we not take a punt on him weeks ago?. My personal opinion is that Leon was desperate to leave Norwich because of what happened in his personal life, saw that the door was going to close on a move away (through no fault of his) and did what he had to do to get away.
  4. With more defeats than wins perhaps you should be asking what we have done "less wrong". 
  5. And perhaps we could have Ipswich fans sticking to their own message boards but I suppose that is not going to happen either.
  6. Agree re Sheff Utd, Leeds and Ippo.....but Brighton ?? !!, lets hope we have a good run in and reach the play offs then we would have a genuine highlight to look back on
  7. [quote user="MadDan"]" I thought we played Oxford away in the Milk Cup in the 1985/86 season rather than in 1984.... " yep silly old me thanks for looking it up, I''ll sleep easier tonight[/quote] Mad Dan, no need for sarcasm. I did not need to "look it up" as I was at the game.......
  8. Mad Dan - I thought we played Oxford away in the Milk Cup in the 1985/86 season rather than in 1984....
  9. For me it would be either Ted MacDougall or Kevin Drinkell
  10. I agree that we should stop harping on about Ashton. Regarding Malky he left the club for no other reason than having a disagreement with NW, I do not believe that Malky is any slower than Flem....
  11. What about this passage, it looks like a bit of a hint to me..... "Cardiff, five points ahead of Norwich in eighth spot, picked up a win against Plymouth at the weekend but that gap could be closed when the two teams meet in the penultimate game of the season - it''s to be hoped that the Canaries still have everything to play for by then. Hughes was certainly remaining optimistic, he said: “You never say never. We are going to stay positive and keep going there''s no doubt about that"  
  12. Left centre back was signed from Sunderland, left back now assistant manager at a Conference club in the region
  13. Agreed, if we play like we did in the last 10 minutes of the first half against the Blunts (Sheff Utd).......
  14. I thought Hoozy played well in the first half, less effective in the second half, I cannot fault his charcater, commitment or work rate and credit to him for the way he has improved over the last few games, despite all the criticism he has been getting, that said he is still no better than Holty in his prime.
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