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Yellow Rider

Target the STOWMARKET TWO now!!

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Followers of Yellow Rider posts know that he is no fan of Delia Smith. Yes I know she has put a lot of money into the club and I am eternally grateful for that BUT her influence is over powering and sadly lacking in judgement. When she joined the Board in October 1996 she said and I quote:

''I know nothing about football but would just like to help the club in whatever way I can''

Foolishly I assumed she would devote all her attention to sorting out catering and conference facilities and leave footballing matters to others. Problem was she could not resist the flashlights of publicity and almost from day one has revelled in appearing in the press, radio and, of course, on TV. It was Smith who was responsible for the Hamilton farce and forcing Bruce Rioch to resign and it is Smith who is responsible for the 2 year decline since promotion. Appointing Worthy was not necessarily a mistake - his record from December 2000 to May 2004 speaks for itself BUT he has long since lost the plot. It appears to be only Smith & Co. who REFUSE to accept that. 

Now some of you will say that she ...''doesn''t pick the team, decide transfer targets'' etc. etc. - all true of course but she (and the Board) ''manages the manager''. They, ultimately, are responsible.

One wonders  what legacy Smith wants to leave behind? She may need to think long and hard about that over the next few weeks.  

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Ah yes but it isn’t that simple I’m afraid because lets not forget one of the central tenants when they acquired Chase’s shares via Geoffrey Watling


“Never again will Norwich be in a position where one person has a controlling interest in the club”


Now via two share issue they have increased their initial share holding around 36% iirc to 51% and control the club entirely.


Yes there is a board of directors and the salaried Doomcaster to break the bad news as and when it occurs but that fact remains that if they don’t want something to happen it isn’t going to happen.  QED the hapless fool that is nominally our manager, they think keeping him is the right thing, he stays, if they don’t he goes. 


You want proof? Well try the last AGM.  She sat there like a sulky child who had had a telling off in public at the start of the meeting as clearly she thought she was going to get a hard time from the shareholders.


Fortunately for her Munby had it all under control and stuck the microphone under the noses of sufficient plants to applaud the emperor’s new cloths and then she was happy again.   That night was truly one of the worst I’ve ever had the misfortune of witnessing either on or off the pitch.


They will tell you they have active debates at board meetings, how so?  They have the controlling interest, what are any of the others actually going to do if they disagree? Exactly, nothing!


I fear things are going to get a whole load worse yet and for those of you who think they are doing a sterling job of running out club think again, they are doing a mighty impressive impersonation of King Canute at the moment and I strongly advise they actually start listening as they are on the cusp of undoing several years of hard work to win the fans trust post Chase.

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