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Alan Johnson

Same old rubbish from Worthless!!!

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See this taken from Sky Sports....same old ***!

The worst comment is "is to win games of football for Norwich and to be here for a long time"

Jesus christ i really hope someone at this club takes a step back looks at whats happened and whats going to happen and then look at taking action to do something about it and quickly.

We need a whole new coaching staff before the end of the season so that the new team can build for next season by playing football.

Doing this in the summer will just be a waste of time.

Please ACT NOW to save this club.

Norwich City boss Nigel Worthington has insisted he will not resign despite an angry response from home fans after Sunday''s derby defeat by Ipswich.

A late Danny Haynes goal gave Ipswich a 2-1 win in the East Anglian derby at Carrow Road, and the home fans voiced their displeasure with the manager after the final whistle.

Around 150 fans stayed behind after the game to call for Worthington to leave, but he is determined to make a success at Norwich.

"I can understand their frustration - it''s part of football," said Worthington. "It takes strong people, strong minds to come through and I will stand tall. I believe in what we are trying to do here.

"The players have to transfer what they do on the training ground onto the pitch, it''s as simple as that.

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that''s what the game is all about. Do I like losing? No, I don''t. Do supporters like it? No, they don''t.

"Everyone has a goal in life and I know what mine is - it''s to win games of football for Norwich and to be here for a long time."

The ball looked to have come off Haynes'' hand for the winner, but Worthington was not complaining and believed Ipswich deserved to win the game.

"I suppose there was an element of good fortune about both their goals - and there was certainly a handball in the winner, but I''m not going to make a big issue about that," he said.

"There''s no doubt Ipswich deserved all three points on the day. Had it stayed at 1-1 I would have been absolutely delighted with a point because we just didn''t play as well as we could.

"It was very disappointing and we all had a little chat about it afterwards. Hopefully I''ll get a positive response."

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He''s not going to go easily!!! Nigel states - "I believe in what we are trying to do here" - what is that then Worthy?? Would you like to expand on that because I''m not sure anymore what we are trying to do here!! I''m sick of Worthy coming out with this type of comment. It doesn''t mean anything and I don''t know what he hopes to achieve with the fans by spouting this type of rubbish!!?? Know when to give up!

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