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Chris MacDonald

Rubbish Rubbish!!!!!!!

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Does City even know the Offside Rule?

Do they even know the height of their team mates?

Do they even know how to keep the ball on the ground?

When we played against Southampton last I could not believe my eyes was this Norwich city. We were all over them like a rash because we kept the ball on the ground and started playing possession football short passing. people might say that is boring but it gets results.

Some posts are having a go Hucks in the second half about not doing anything.....Ipswich had done their homework by giving him no space to turn. He should have been on for the full 90 minutes.

Poor old Earnshaw is like Mcveigh. When you are 5ft nothin  you have no chance when you are sandwiched in between two strapping 6ft defender ask Paul. Oh yes by the way he should pick up the phone and give Ashton a ring at West Ham about how good the service is for a striker at City    

Wothington you have the players but your tactics, formations and motivatoinal skills are dire.

Do us all a favour and go.

the Leprachauns have deserted you.

You Worthy inners and the Board are all the same saying "well he did take us up" you live in the past look to the future The first Division Calls.


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