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Pete Raven

Kathy Blake's Fans' Forum piece

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[quote user="DumbleDelia is Magic"][quote user="The Great Drinkell"]

[quote user="Web Team - Pete"]Because Kathy''s opinions are spot on.[/quote]

 No Pete they just happen to be the same as your opinion.



I can see the headlines in the EDP tomorrow: "Two Norwich fans in thinking alike shocker!" Kathy is absolutely right Drikell and a great many people think so


Because it''s the majority does it make it right DD. - Football is a game of opinions. Some of kathy''s points are certainly valid but not all - IMO.

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Kathy, I think your article is spot on.

The big difference between the two sides on Sunday was simple. One team

came to do the job they were employed to do, the other team (for the

most part) came to make up the numbers. I think in some circles it''s

called football.

I always thought the general idea behind football was that you passed

the ball between you and your team mates trying your damndest to make

sure the opposition didn''t get it, with the intention of eventually

popping it in the goal that your opponent is defending.

I''d like to point out to those City players on Sunday who couldn''t

quite work out which was which - your team mates are the ones who were

wearing yellow jerseys. And when the players in the blue jerseys have

the ball you''re supposed to try and get it back.

"load of" since you seem to be happy to knock the words that Kathy had

written, would you be prepared to give us your view of what you saw on

Sunday please. And perhaps a little insight into why you think this

whole thing can be turned around.

Perhaps I''ll get out of the shower in the morning and realise it''s all been one horrendously long dream.

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