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Alex Harvey-Jones

The Transfer window!!

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Just wondered what peoples'' views were on the transfer window!?

Personally I hate it and don''t think its good for football. The speculation surrounding Deano and Greeno is clearly disrupting them and the club at the moment and it puts a huge amount of pressure of clubs to buy or sell during the short peiod of time!! It is having a big impact on how successful a season can be!!

The main reason I dislike it is because it inflates the price of players. Imagine Norwich sell Deano for £8 million. Everyone will know the transfer has gone through. Everyone will know Norwich have to bring in a new striker in a very limited space of time and everyone will know they have a lot of money to spend. That gives the selling club a disproportionate amount of bargaining power and will mean that Norwich will undoubtedly have to pay over the odds for a striker, as failing to sign one could be even more costly!!

Also it is clearly a handicap to the teams with smaller squads when hit by injuries. Ok it means that the big clubs with money can''t just go and buy a player any time thay wish to get themselves out of trouble, but I belive it is more of a disadvantage to the smaller clubs.

I think the transfer window should be scrapped in the Championship for sure and maybe the premiership too as it will not do football any good!


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