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I'm Confused

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Given the make up of our current squad and the fact that we now have at

least 7 central midfielders - Safri, Robinson, Etuhu, Hughes, Jarrett,

Rossi Jarvis, Charlton, Spillane - what do you think Worthy has in mind

as his preferred formation when everyone is fit?  I just can''t see

how it all fits together. 

Can any of these players be used elsewhere, e.g.  I think Hughes / Robinson would make decent right backs.

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I''m thinking of asking for 50% of my season ticket cost back.

Sitting in the Jarrold stand, we''ve had no play on our side of the pitch for 45 minutes per game all this season (unless the opposition happen kick the ball our way)...

Why cannot Worthless see that the team is wholly lop-sided with no decent right wing/centre back? 

IMO, if the ball had come in regularly from either flank for the past 12 months, Deano would be leading the goal-scoring charts by miles at the moment, and would not have wanted to move - AND the team would not be looking like the pathetic Championship also-rans they are at the moment.  

I''ve come to the conclusion that Worthless is blind, so I''m training up my dog for him as I write - not as a guide dog, but to bite his bl**dy leg...


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