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Bury Green

Ambition with incompetence

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This week will be great; Norwich City will deliver comedy pathos on a Hancock scale of genius.


Do you actually think all the money received for Ashton will be actually be spent?  Do me a favour, there’s not a Sheepshanks chance in hell of that happening and we know it


 It will only be a question of when rather than if Smith & Jones stooge Doomcaster is shoved in front of the cameras to proudly assure the assembled press pack any number of the same hackneyed old lines. 


Take any of the following and you can save yourself the cost of the EDP this week


“The Ashton transfer monies have already been accounted for and will be used to service borrowings”


“Clearly we are sad to see Dean leave but the lure of playing for one of the Premierships heavyweights was to great”


“The sale of Dean Ashton is part of our plan for a swift return to the Premiership”


“Nigel has faith in the current squad to make sure Norwich City are challenging for a place in the playoffs at the end of the season”


“Thanks to the generosity of Mike and Delia loaning more money we are able to make a significant investment in bringing Gareth Taylor to the club who Nigel believes will be a first class replacement for Dean Ashton”


You can just picture Waller sat there lapping it all up utterly convinced that everything he is told by them is true.  And to finish lets have another Waller classic


“Apart from the hatric you gota say Giallanza hasn’t done a lot”

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convincing press statements, lets hope they don''t materialise.the waller comment was spot on, listening to the post match interview last night, roy''s line of questioning to worthy was about as threatening as a gooey marshmallow!

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