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Jobsworth Canary

Stewart Webber in Gunn club

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As well as us, I'd say it's between West Ham, (plucky) Bournemouth, Southampton, Brighton, Villa and Watford.  Everton will improve.  Watford looked ok v Man U yesterday, but I haven't seen a Man U side play as poorly as that for years.

There's a side of Webber that is obstinate, defensive and bullish - he's never going to admit that he got it wrong in the summer and we do have to thank him for putting a halt to a strategy of signing players like Naismith.  That said, to stand any chance of survival, we need one or more defenders who can come in and improve how we defend set pieces.  I agree with whoever said that the way the team plays has a direct influence on how the crowd reacts.  We saw v Man City and Arsenal that, as the underdog, we all pulled together.

On late subs, with hindsight (easy, I know), Hernandez for Cantwell and/or Vrancic for Trybull once they'd equalised could've signalled our intention to go and win the game.  Though replacing Cantwell would have been harsh in my opinion as he looked very good again.


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5 hours ago, Jim Smith said:

 Its not his fault Pukki missed three sitters

They weren't sitters , two decent chances and one half chance is more accurate.  One was very well saved . No blame on Pukki either. 

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some one to blame Pukki after week injured and play with pain because Premiere league club have no natural striker on bench is really too harsh.

Week in week out we repeat same mistakes and play without any confidence 2nd half after very good 1st.

I think is better we to not be up before ht because team become depressed always after lead at HT and play like a bunch of strangers imo.

Now more seriuse.

I must say that we badly need subs to be done much more early and Farke to revised his zonal marking as we conceded evry game from set pieces !

Villa away never lucky game for us but still we hope to repeat Leicester performance and to hope for best!


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