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Good post on NCFC Website

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Thought this was a good post from lodge canary on the NCFC message board!

Before you lot start ***ing Huckerby off take time to read his statement from the Sky Sports Website......

Both myself and my agent understood and accepted what sacrifices I had to make in order for this deal to go through, following our initial meeting with officials from the club last Friday," The statement read.

"Indeed, Kevin Keegan was also prepared to help further in order to facilitate this move.

"I also spurned the opportunity to speak to more than one other club that wanted my services in order that I concentrated on trying to help reach an agreement to play for Norwich.

"However, it became clear, first last night and again this morning, that Norwich were expecting more manoeuvrability from myself and Manchester City than they were prepared to do themselves, to the point where I have been forced to ask the question: Just how much did Norwich want me in the first place?

"I wanted to express this feeling because of the excellent rapport that I have had with The Canaries'' fans during my three months at the club.

"There was certainly no more that we could be expected to do to make this move happen and my one regret is that I won''t be playing in front of them more regularly."

Like we all said before this was a PR stunt to get us thinking that a deal was on the table and buy buy buy, shirts , season tickets etc

I think that the board have a lot to answer for!!!!!

He is saying that a deal was as good as done, then the board went back on their offer...........Im Sorry but this stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If you look at Megson''s comments earlier he was talking about "how Huckerby would be paid". I reckon we offered him a wheel barrow of cash at the end of the season upon promotion and that''s what he wasn''t prepared to accept.

Fair play to the lad, he''s come out and said that he loved the fans but it''s the dealings of the club. I wonder if this is the board playing games again?

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