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Burnley Tickets

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I was at the back and there were a fair number of empty seats, you always get some people standing with their mates and squashing in etc so leaving empty seats elsewhere, plus you'll always get a number of no-shows at any live event due to illness or whatever.


What I thought was really bad at Burnley were the very narrow gangways in the away section, much too narrow for comfort.


Also did anyone else notice one of the Burnley fans going berserk after the end of the game - at the left hand end of the City fans, a few people were having a photo taken with the pitch behind them and he seemed to have a problem with this, really bizarre.  I thought he was going to have a heart attack at one point.  He was in the Burnley fans at the left hand end of the stand and the gap between them and the City fans was several times bigger than we have at CR, and all I can say is that if that's an example of what their fans are like, the bigger gap is definitely worth having.

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I went on Saturday.  Spoke to a few Burnley fans at the pub after for a while, they were all decent blokes, although one of the older ones was quite dismissive of our style, until I reminded him it beat Man City the previous week.

Had we gone there without the worst injury crisis this club has seen in my memory, I don't think we would have lost.

Ironically, whilst we are the team full of Germans, we were just Blitzkrieged at the start, and thereafter, relatively normal service resumed, just didn't get the goal to shut the crowd up / put pressure on them.

Also re: Amadou, think he's good competition for Tetty, but he is not a centre half and the praise after Man CIty was over the top.  Centre halves are all about decision making, particuarly when it comes to positioning and distribution.  When your back's to the wall and you're defending your 18 yard box, and then hoofing clear, you don't need to make any decisions - and he was great at doing that.  However, as we were playing higher up (to not sit too deep on Krul due to Burnley aerial threat) his inexperience was clear.  Not blaming him in the slightest, he did a good job considering, but I hope another CB is fit soon.

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