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Can't we keep Ben and Max?

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I have been away from the forum for a while so apologies if this topic has been discussed. 

With all the speculation surrounding Ben and Max going to bigger clubs, i feel we are better off keeping them rather than upsetting the balance of the defence for a few more million. Surely they would both like to stay and prove themselves with ncfc rather than sitting on the bench?

I think it would be good for all concerned if they stayed. Is it possible the club can block any sales, or are they obliged to listen to players requests to move?

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Inevitably this has been discussed many times already and it only goes to repeat previous:

We all seem to be well acquainted with the scenario we prefer for all of Aarons, Godfrey, Buendia and Lewis.

Keep hold of them all for the entirety of the coming season. Rely upon them to fully contribute to a successful season ie. survival and maybe that little bit more.

See their respective values surge, as they surely will.

Then bow to the inevitable and, willingly or otherwise, cash in.

That's the best we can hope for surely? We can only perform the Canute act for so long.

In the meantime we tell ourselves that a season of further establishment in the comfort of Carrow Road is the best thing for all of them. Rather a regular first team season in the yellow than a bit of bench warming in a red tracksuit after all.This, of course, may or may not be the case, but it suits our bias to the full.Whether the player or his agent thinks the same is a matter for conjecture.

For the next month or two then it's just a question of keeping our fingers crossed and relying upon Webber, Farke and the scouting team to continue to perform miracles whatever happens.

(If we cannot avoid losing any of our youngsters in the coming month or so then a good price accompanied by healthy sell-on clauses is essential.) 

I believe all our youngsters are heavily contracted so this is a plus factor for NCFC at the moment. I might also venture to suggest that it is easier holding a youngster to his contract than a more seasoned pro intent upon a move, but you never know with active agents at large.

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