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mat gore

I back Worthy

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Today Nigel Worthington received the staunch backing of Father Christmas or at least a man in Norwich City centre who claimed that was his name.

The White Bearded man told our reporter that he was fully behind the under fire canaries boss.

"I back worthy. Nigel''s team has done more to put people in a giving mood than any other.  Whether is giving away easy

goals or gift-wrapping 3 points.  He has been especially generous to the under-privileged. All those children in

Millwall who didn''t know if they''d ever get a win".

Santa became animated as he spoke and quite angry at the suggestion Nigel Worthington''s tactics were inadequate.

"Claudio Ranieri and Alex Ferguson operate a squad rotation system so why shouldn''t Norwich.  Norwich don''t have the numbers to use different players so the only way a rotation system can work is if each player plays a different position each game.  Thats just common sense isnt it ?"

Swigging from a can of special brew concealed in his toy sack Santa went on

"Anyway since Delia declared she supported the Labour party he can hardly bring a right winger into the club.  If you want to blame anyone for poor performances you cant blame the manager when the board so blatantly interefere in team selecshionnnn".

Ho Ho hopeless.

At this point Santa keeled over and Neil Doncaster suggested we had enough to make the cover story of the next days EDP.

More Tommorrow: Rudolph on why his nose wouldnt be red without Worthy.




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