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Northern Canary

Player ratings

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Having been to the match and analysing it here is what i think.

     Firstly, much better than last week. First half was pretty poor, deserved to be one nil down. WE NEED TO STOP HOOFING IT. It gets us nowhere. Second half, especially when Hucks came on the team had much more confidence. We were passing around the pitch with confidence and accuracy. We deserved the three points, im still a little concerned about the teams defending. but we are getting better.

Green: 8 - Commanding the area well i thought and came out for all of the balls. Very brave and its the best i have seen in a while. Pulled off a couple of fantastic saves.

Drury 6 - Got forward well and passed well. Doesnt always go in for the tackle which he must do.

Davenport - 8 Very good all round

Doherty - 8 excellent, won all headers and got good distance on them.

Wright - 9 I was really impressed with him. He passes really well, controls well, doesnt give the ball away and gets forward. Created most chances first half.

Robinson - 2. We can not buy this player he is awful. Cannot pass at all. Gets no contact on the ball when he tries to pass and wins nothing.

Etuhu 7 - Not the best defensively but excellent going forward. we have been missing in the that midfield and if he plays like that consistently then we should buy him. Had some excellent goal scoring opportunities.

Safri - 8 Superb at breaking down attacks and winning tackles in the midfield. A key player for Norwich, some sloppy passes but overall very good.

Hughes - 3 He is rubbish. Runs the wrong way, only uses one foot and gives away possesion. His main forte is hoofing the ball to nobody at all.

Huckerby - 9 Very effective when he came on. Looked sharp and gave the team a new edge and confidence. Changed the game imo.

Ashton - 7 Its hard to judge because he spends all his time on the wing. We need a right winger to do that for him, looked a threat though.

McVeigh: 10 - ran his socks off and worked so hard. Why he is not started i dont know. He is created and keeps the ball really well. Must start alongside ashton.

      One annoying thing that struck me, why do we take kick off and then Safri boots it up to the crewe corner flag?

The ratings for the first half would have been a bit lower but we won and thats what is important. Defensively there is still much work to be done. Wright, Huckerby and McVeigh stood out most for me today. Etuhu and Safri were also impressive. Robinson and Hughes are useless and should be offloaded in January. I dont know how we spent 750K on Hughes.

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Thanks North,

Worthy will probably play Ashton as a right winger next!

Green seems to be regaining form - it''s been a long time coming.

I want to see the team start tight but it is hard to do when we have so many players in the middle who obviously cannot take care of the ball.

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This was my first away game of the season, as I wanted to see for myself how bad we were away from home.I thought that we were very ordinary in the first half mainly due to the big kick up to the front line. I actually commented that the mcVeigh enforced sub may work to our advantage.

 Green 7 -Very solid performance and as the crow was firly small we could here his talking

 Wright 6 - Was solid in the tackle and worked well down the right but his distribution was poor, mainly ''coz he was the only one playing down the right so had to look long all the time.

Davenport 7 - Looked in control and will be missed

Doherty 8 - never miseed a header all day was a solid partnership with Dav.

Drury 7 - Always plays a solid game for me but was left standing on the goal by a brilliant bit of trickery by S.Jones overlapped well and was always available.

Etuhu 6 - wasn''t sure where he was playing but was the furthest player forward on numerous occasions, His powerfull running and ariel threat was something we have been missing

Hughes 5- His crossing wasdreadful but on occasions he was left with little options, should try winning the fans over with perfomances and not constantly clapping us.

Robinson 4 - Why! 1)was he playing 2)was he bought here. Can''t tackle,head or pass more than 5 yards. Didn''t even shoot when laid up one on one with the keeper. - also looks awful in white boots.

Safri 6 - Industral performance but lacked his normal quality. Still looked our best midfielder. improved once Hucks came on and gave him an outlet.

Ashton 8 - Was all over the place (except in front of goal!) the winner was all down to his endeavour and was laid on a plate for WLY. If we lose him in January then we will have nothing upfront.

Thorne 5- Looked lively before limping out of the game.

Hucks 7- Finally got the team passing along the ground - let''s face it there''s no point hitting high balls here is there!- looked dangerous every time he got the ball and added much needed width.

McVeigh 9 - Busy and skillful display topped by the 2 goals both headers and 1 even he had to stoop for!

 Overall first half - 5 poor to many high balls

second half  - 8 much better and with Greeno feeding the backs and us building from the back on the floor we actually looked a threat and the players seemed to enjoy it.

 A note for Crewe I truely hope they avoid relegation again they play lovely football but just lack a little bit of quality. Unfortunately I think they will get bullied to often. If only all teams tried to play in this style. Including us!!

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Cheers for the info guys.

"One annoying thing that struck me, why do we take kick off and then Safri boots it up to the crewe corner flag?"

We always used too didnt we? Damo would just spank the ball into the crowd every kick-off. Never understood that one personally. You would have thought knocking the ball about and getting every player a touch of the ball would be more beneficial.

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