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Redknapp Farce

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I read with interest the headline on the bbc sport site "Redknapp''s Pompey Prospects Fade."

He has been suggested as a possible managerial replacement for us but

would you seriously touch him with the proverbial? He has wheeled out

this sycophantic diatribe about a day not going by when he hasn''t

regretted walking out of Fratton Park in attempt to get back in with

Pompey and Mandaric but if he was so in love with Pompey surely he''d

just put up the rest of his contract (£220k) and be done with it. He

has made a fortune by all accounts and will no doubt recoup most of the

220 if Mandaric can take him back.

And another thing, he has said if he can''t go back to Pompey that''s it,

walking the dog and the golf course for him. Yeah right Harry! If he

doesn''t get back to Portsmouth i''d put my house on him being back in

management within the year.  Don''t buy it Pompey fans!

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He said that rubbish about ''walking the dog'' after he left Pompey LAST time. I think he has walked out on Soton cos he cannot make any money out of them. I would like him to go back there and then get Pompey relegated too. Remember he walked out on West Ham not long before they got relegated too!!

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