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king of latvia


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i feel that nigel needs to drop 3-4 of theses so called stars and give the other players a chance my team against crewe


                 colin                   shackell               davenport                charlton

                 henderson                          safri        rossi jarvis                   brennan

                                                  ryan jarvis            mcveigh

some of the players know the place in the team is safe with very little cover in the team.who can challange  ashton ,hucks ,drury,docerty,green,they just seem to be in the comfort zone change it nigel. 


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firstly, drop nigel.

secondly, charlton doesn''t cut it for me, neither does brennan - adams

reckons he can put over a good cross, but i can''t remember the last

time he created a goal.

I''d try mcveigh up front alongside thorne - who seemed our biggest goal threat on saturday until worthy subbed him 2nd half.

safri is way off form at the minute.

ashton tries but looks incapable of scoring at the minute.

Hendo runs around and gives good effort, but has no end product, looks league 1 to me at moment.

Rossi is worth a try - paired with either robbo and dicko, even though both disappointing sat.













ryan jarvis


rossi jarvis  robinson







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a lot of people are saying how great the doc/davenport partnership

is,well if this is the case how come we let 2/3 goals in every

week.Bring back Shacknall with Davenport(yeah i know shack has been

injured but wasnt playing beforehand).


    Ashton maybe missing chances but he will start scoring

soon its just a matter of time but before he does that he needs the

service to do so.I put Hughes right midfield as we dont have a right

midfielder thats worth sh*t at the club.


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Shackell is injured. Why Hendo and Brennan?

Agree with the Jarvis bro''s and for Green to have a time on the sidelines. ~ Wenger did it with Lehmann, and he came back a better player

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