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the way i see it

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is 1.we cant sack worthy and he wont quit so we r stuck.will it be too late who nos.

  2.all the glory hunters who have only seen the glory in the past few years are going.good ridiance

  3.players where do we start?

   greeno-low confidence? colin looks ok.dutch mentality is not to go forward(ie unlike eddy)

flem gettin on do well when called upon,dav good player wont stay,shackell great prospect,the doc is doin well.drury same old.

huges,so so  safri,class injurys worring,etutu looks ok  jarret v poor,hucks looks a compleatly different player,hendo yeah hes ok,brennan,leave please.mcveigh.looks good when hes on

ashton,off form and needs goals leon hurry up please m,ate,thorne looks good unlucky with injurys,jarvis quality dont realese him nw.

 4.our training methods y are all our players getting injuerd in training?

5.delia as u said where r u,u were having the lime light last 2 years in the barc sat where r u now?

any way thats the way i see it think what u want personally i think its time for a reshuffle before its to late.

keep the faith ctid




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