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Football is a game of 90 mins

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So why can worthy get the players to give us a 90 minute performance?

Last night was another example of what has been happening for 2-3 years now, we either play well in the first half and then disappoint in the second (Plymouth) or play poorly only to improve for the second half (Watford). 

I am struggling to recall many games in those 3 years where city have played to theirpotential for 90 mins - and in the context of 150 games finding 5-6 is hardly consistency is it.

The turn over in players during that time has been large so it is in down to them, so ithas to be something with the back ground staff.   Theyhave to change something from the current routine to get us started earlier and to sustain that performance for the full game. 

I dont know what the problem is here but the symptoms are far too clear - worthy needs to change this, with much else or be changed himself..

If we can play for 90 mins (oh and find a shape we can keep, pass the ball, learn to defend as a unit and pick our best team)  things will surely improve - wont they..


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Exactly what I said in the Watford match thread - did you cut and paste my post Zipper

I was going to say I couldn''t remember the last time we put two good halves of football together, but I suppose we did against Man Utd, though I''m struggling to recall another game.

It really is quite bizarre. How can performance levels vary so much because of a 15-minute break. This must be a mental problem. We''ve got a psychologist at the club, so I think he needs to take a look at our mental approach, because something is going badly wrong.

Although some may blame our tactics or team selections, I don''t think that''s the root of the problem. I believe the players just aren''t performing either individually or as a team.

Perhaps they need a huge collective boot up the khyber. Seemed to work reasonably well at half time yesterday. Maybe Worthy should look into doing this before games too.




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