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An exercise in futility

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Is to try to reason with the likes of Morty and Nutty et al they do not believe the evidence of their own eyes. Maybe it is just being bloody minded or perhaps just a wind up.

However the clappers are now in the minority certainly with the posters on here. But be certain Neil''s time is up even if Delia and her sycophants can''t see it or take the necessary action he will never recover from this.

Neil clearly has no idea how to influence the defence, motivate the players or identify talent faults not appropriate to the good manager he feels himself to be.

Others more clearly at fault but Delia and her toy factory will be more difficult to shift until they have run the club into the ground.

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or perhaps put into the state of our impoverished neighours down the A140yet despite their obvious attempts to wreck the club, we seem to be doing reasonably okit''s just some folk (mostly closet binners) seem to delight in upsetting themselves because we are no automatically back in the PL

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