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As each minute, hour, day and months go past under this dreadful regime that we find our club amongst, I think all fans can take it cart blanche that the board are not going to change anything at all. Whilst there has been NO statements regarding ANY concerns they have, we have the manager stating that the owners, CEO etc, whom he alleges he spoke with yesterday, state "just carry on". That goes cap in hand with the media interview that Delia Smith and MWJ recently gave, which the majority on here understood that they really do not care what fans think, and the club isn''t for sale! So IMHO I don''t think you will see the dismissal of AN any time soon, if at all, and for sure this arrogant individual is not going to resign when the owners are telling him, admittedly on his own admission, that his job appears safe. There is little that any supporters can do about that at all, other than vote with their feet. Unless, and until that happens, this club will stay under the current ownership with their golden boy at the helm. If supporters keep filling the stands as they do, that has to be seen as an acceptance of the situation. Until the owners or their Chairman or the CEO (promotion promotion promotion thinker) actually come out with the words that ''they are concerned'' regarding the current situation, and are going to speak with the manager, then nothing will change. And I would suggest that is nailed on guaranteed.

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