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subdued atmosphere

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Anyone else get the feeling the crowd were deflated even before kick off yesterday ?

I know sitting on the M25 for 90 minutes instead of being in the pub doesnt help BUT that has to be the lowest I have witnessed a boxing day away crowd for years ?

I do wonder whether a lot of regular away day trippers sat it out and the numbers remained high (ish) because of what I term the Christmas crowd the ones that make a couple of away trips a year, never have I seen so many away fans choosing to sit down ?

Even got into a little debate when the twat sat behind me asked me to sit down....FFS why not stay home and watch a bit of Christmas tele ?

Hope the atmosphere Saturday is a bit more upbeat although with an evening KO on New Years Eve and the TV in attendance I fear it could be a rerun of yesterday.

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Traffic was pretty dire getting there. Incredibly flat. Don''t think there was a Norwich fan who expected us to win in the ground. Resignation or dispair, take your pick. Guess we''ll beat Brentford before being soundly thrashed by Derby. The board will clap and we head towards a relegation six pointer with 1p5wich.

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