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Donkey dangler

I'd like to go on the pitch and say 'Shall we sack the manager or not'?

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The following is from the Henry Winter interview with Delia & MWJ and is on page 2 of the Sport section of The Times dated 5/11/16:

….”We are stewards of the club not owners” he [MWJ.] says. “The club belongs to the supporters.”

‘They consult fans. “We got the designer, Bruce Oldfield, to design the kit one year [1997]. It was all yellow. The supporters objected to this. ‘Where’s the green?’ “

So they had a vote, handing out green and yellow cards at Carrow Road. “Delia sat surrounded by supporters in the Barclay End, the only person holding up yellow. So we changed it.” Delia adds: “I wished we could do more of that. I’d like to go out on the pitch and say, ‘Shall we sack the manager or not? Hands up!’ You would, wouldn’t you?” “Theoretically, yes,” says Michael.

No need to go onto the pitch to ask the fans, they are voicing their opinion through the Pinkun poll and 93% (6,837) say its time for a change of manger.

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