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NCISA AGM is being held tomorrow (Monday 10th) at 7.30 pm in the Norfolk Lounge. After the formalities there will be a players frorum with Peter Thorne, Andy Hughes and Matthieu Louis -Jean. Entry free to members, £2.00 to others. Come along and ask the players some questions (if you can get a word in edgeways with Andy Hughes!) Hope to see some of you there.

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I think everyone enjoyed it. I think Andy Hughes could possibly be the most colourful character City have had for a long time. He kept the audience captivated with anecdotes and witty responses. Peter Thorne was a real character too and if Andy Hughes hadnt been there might have stolen the show. The two knew each other from a previous life and there was lots of banter. Louis-Jean suffered a bit from not speaking the lingo well enough. He was pleasant and charming but some of the jokes went over his head. His English whilst good is not up to the standard of say Matty Svensson and Steen Nededrgaard and you have to be able to speak a language pretty damn well to join in humour and irony.

There is a transcript (all be it watered down and cleaned up!) on the NCISA website of some of the questions. www.ncisa.co.uk then NCISA then NCISA Forum Oct 05.

Nice to meet Gazza and Meeky in real life too.

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[quote]Kathy and Gaz How did it go? Did the players reveal anything?[/quote]

Here you go DD

Sorry Kathy I nicked it off your site! www.ncisa.co.uk

Have you all had a chance to meet Delia, Michael and the board??

Andy Hughes (AH):
There was a welcome meal for all of the new players where Delia displayed her obvious passion for the game.

Mattieu Louis-Jean (MLJ)
The board done everything they could to welcome both me and my family, they really gave 100% to welcome us all to the club. But it wasn’t just an initial thing, we all know that they are willing to do everything they can to help at any time

Peter Thorne (PT)
It was nice to come to a club where just as much attention was paid to the family as it was I. As soon as I arrived, Delia had taken my wife for a tour and that made me feel comfortable. It was far more welcoming than being forced to eat sheep’s unmentionables with Sam Hamman at Cardiff.

As players, how do you feel about the “open door” policy at Colney??

AH – Why shouldn’t fans, the ones who keep the game alive, not be able to see what happens at their football club. The players get to know those who turn up on a regular basis and it’s nice to share a joke with them

PT – There is always a good atmosphere at Colney, and it’s nice to see people taking time out to watch what happens. The players really enjoy seeing faces, and there’s a good vibe that comes from the fans that helps the great atmosphere that already exists.

To Andy Hughes; what do you see as your role is as captain, and to Peter and Mattieu, what influence does Andy have on you??

PT – Andy has always been destined to be a captain, and I do not understand why he was not captain at Reading. He constantly leads by example, he doesn’t sulk and he gives the dressing room a big lift.

MLJ – Andy is always aware of the mood of individuals around him. If someone has had some bad news, he is always the first to come and cheer you up and get you re-focused.

AH – Although I am just keeping the band warm for Craig Fleming, as a captain, you have to be yourself. Fortunately I am vocal and it’s in my nature to constantly encourage. You have to know your players and how to get something more out of them. But, on the field everyone is a captain, because everyone encourages each other and no-one criticises.

As players on the pitch, do you sense the high levels of expectation?

MLJ – The fans are very loud, a bit scary at first, and everything around the club makes you feel that it’s a big club that should be in the Premiership. With three home games at the start of the season maybe we all tried to hard and tried to perform at too high a level too soon.

PT – The whole set up screams Premiership; the fitness levels, the gaffer, the food, the squad and the stadium

AH – Yes, Norwich is a massive club. Fans of Norwich are not aware of how much other teams want to beat us. For another club to come here and get a point is a big thing for them. When I was at Reading, Norwich were feared, so when I had the chance to come here I knew how high the expectation levels would be. But, we understand the pressure in the dressing room and we have to, and do, thrive on that.


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Thanks Meeky ( and Kathy ). When Andy Hughes says he is only keeping the band warm for Craig Fleming I hope he''s referring to a musical group.

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