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The truth always hurts

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Just watching MOTD - I feel Rob Green has had a raw deal from Sven but having seen Kirkland''s peformance against Arsenal I can see why he is in second spot for England.Damien Francis WAS a Premiership quality player and he has proved it - he is a big loss to us and Wigan are proving to have the grit, determination, whatever that Norwich didn''t have (apart from the last 7 games). Maybe Wigan will get relegated but they are giving it a good go. How many ''big''names do they have - very few, if any - they just work hard and play as a team for 90 minutes.Today''s game - poor performance, VERY strange formation/team selection and when your top two strikers cannot score from penalties you have to say that promotion looks a long way off. This is not being negative and I am not a signed up member of the Worthy Bashers but team selection has been somewhat confusing to say the least this season.

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