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Cup run.

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It''s nice to be involved in a cup run as such, although the Sky anchorman''s insistence for a while last night that the next round was the quarter finals temporarily gave a false impression and we have actually only won a couple of games (we got a bye in the first round.)

Last sixteen it is, so win the next game and we can consider it a "run" then.

Good or bad?

Well it''s good for us all getting quite a famous little win last night, despite AN''s refusal to treat it anymore than commonplace, and there''s step in my heels today and there''s even a buzz on this message board.

The old chestnut that it''s a distraction from the league and that a run in any other competition threatens our ultimate aim for this season holds true for sure, but is it worth the risk?

Games come thick and fast in this league and the Tuesday- Saturday treadmill becomes all the more intense when involved in a cup competition, even to the extent that it could lead to a (league) fixture pile-up towards the end of the season. To say nothing of the fatigue and injury factors.

Our squad depth is something we all recognise and are pleased about so this should mitigate against some of the negatives of the above. We have a sizeable squad of some quality so let''s use it to the maximum. It is an expensive animal to maintain, that''s for sure.

With a cup run it helps pay for it''s self.

Financially a continued run in this competition would be a major plus, and contribute towards the up-keep of this squad. We had a decent crowd for Coventry and I noticed that there were nearly 30, 000 at Goodison last night. With our share of that gate (rules are obviously different in cup competitions with regards to apportioning the take) the Club will have profited considerably, whilst a fullish house at Carrow Road or another lucrative away fixture take can now be reasonably anticipated.

As a supporter it''s the more games the better for me, the more chance of results like last night and more money in the coffers but I wouldn''t want it to threaten our chances of promotion and be just a short "fix" which harms the Club in the long run.

"Marry" at haste, repent at leisure?"

Nah! Let''s enjoy it whilst we can

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I''d certainly argue that we''re in the best position to actually have a cup run than we have been in donkey''s years.Our 2nd XI is probably better than many other champs first XI''s, and by using our players in this way it helps maintain fitness, competition for places and keeps the fringe players more involved where possible.Personally I think the league cup is a bit of a joke these days which virtually no-one seems to take seriously, and I''d much rather it was the FA cup we were looking to have a run in, but silverware is silverware at the end of the day, and I''d rather it was accumulating in our trophy cabinet than anyone else''s just as long as we can maintain our league form and promotion chances by pursuing it.As said by many here in the past few days, it''s a great time to be a Norwich fan and I maintain this is our best squad since the days of Stringer/Walker, in fact possibly better overall in some ways (although I''d kill for a striker like Sutton, Robins or Ekoku at times).

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