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How about Leigh Griffiths?

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He is manufacturing goals for fun in the SPL which some say is fairly similar the the standard of the Championship. And has scored goals in England for Wolves in the past.
And most importantly he is Scottish so would fit right in!!

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Watching the Celtic CL qualifier the other night, Griffiths'' build reminded me of Laurie Sheffield -- big torso on unusually short legs. When Sheffield ran onto the Carrow Road pitch to make his debut after signing from Doncaster in 1966, everyone around me in the South stand fell about with a mixture of laughter and incredulity. The incredulity increased as the game went on, but the laughter turned to cheers because at the final whistle the little man had scored four goals. He made 27 appearances that season and scored 16 goals, then moved back to Yorkshire. He wasn''t the quickest but he didn''t half have a powerful shot, again similar to Griffiths. But neither of them would flourish as a lone striker.

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The mention of Laurie Sheffield was interesting and I remember his debut for us making the headlines.

It caused me to Wiki the player. Now in his seventies he was quite a consistent goalscorer in the lower leagues throughout his career:-

1965–1966 Doncaster Rovers 58 (34)

1966–1967 Norwich City 27 (16)

1967–1968 Rotherham United 19 (6)

1968 Oldham Athletic 18 (6)

1968–1969 Luton Town 35 (12)

1969–1970 Doncaster Rovers 15 (6)

1970–1971 Peterborough United 18 (6)

Total 281 (132)

Laurence Joseph Sheffield (born 27 April 1939 in Swansea, Wales), is a Welsh footballer who played as a centre forward in the Football League.

Unusually, particularly in an era when professional footballers were less itinerant, he seems to have changed clubs every year, even when being seemingly successful, as with Norwich.

He seemed content to just spend one season at a club and then move on.

It left me wondering why this was the case. I don''t think signing on fees existed much then so it couldn''t have been for profit.

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