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Derby Canary

Resignation tweet withdrawn on Norwich City chief executive David McNally’s Twitter account

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What with inability to arrange preseason matches (then playing ''pub'' teams, unable to recruit (wrong part of country), Inappropriate board recruitment, NOW THIS.

This Club has become the laughing stock of football!

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I have to say we behave at times more like an amateur club than a former Premier League one. Even if he was drunk last night did he really think going on twitter good idea.

This club has for too long believed in mushroom management ie keep everyone in the dark and feed them sh*t. A typical example is the way Bassong and now Bennett just disappeared from team with no explanation.

That is why incidents like last night happened!

Fans deserve to know the truth now of why we failed to invest this summer and AN needs to be honest of his part in that. If he has any balls he needs to put the blame where it trully lies either with him or McNally, Delia et al

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