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oh huckerby

while he's the gaffa shouldn't we back him??

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1) huckerby

2) ashton

3) the premiership

4) an average 16k crowd into a 24k wall of noise

5) look at other signings safri, McKenzie, francis need i go on?

6) loanees i.e crouch,huckerby, davenport

7) 2/3k travelling barmy army

8) a different mind set to the board

9) a promotion party

10) finally belief that we a good enough, isn''t that why we questioning him because we think

we are good enough to succeed (the little thing that he installed)



1) Lack of condifence & a dip in form

please add on to either list.

come on u yellas!!!!



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"while he''s the gaffa shouldn''t we back him??"

Thats a bit like saying we voted in Hitler so we will stick with him!  Whatever happened to independent thought and analysis of a changing situation?

For the next few games we MUST MUST MUST get fully behind the team until the game has finished;  Deano has made it clear that shouts during a game do have a negative affect. 

Only after the final whistle express any continued disatisfaction by specifically singing so it is clear who we are unhappy with - what a load of rubbish applies to the players, manager and board. 



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