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Angry Villa Fans

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Angry Villa fan returns season ticket... And club sends it back

An exasperated Aston Villa fan who

sent back his season tickets to bosses at the rock-bottom Premier

League club has been left aghast – after bosses promptly sent them back

to him.

Roger Wheeler, who lives in Dudley, found out he could not

even give away his season tickets for the club, which is now looking a

certainty to be relegated out of football’s top flight for the first

time in 30 years.



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Unsatisfied customer (aaah didums).

I suppose its a bit like:-

customer buys pie

eats most of it but don''t like taste.

sends pie back saying they did like it but don''t like it anymore and they are not worried about the expense of the uneaten bit.

Pie man sends it back saying get rid of your own rubbish. Not worried about losing the customer cos you know he''ll get hungry some time, he will especially want pie again if everyone else starts eating it.

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