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Calm Down Girls!!

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I''ve had to break my silence & respond to the rampant hysteria that seems to be rife on this & the transfer talk board!!

Some people seem to want NW to rush out & sign anyone as long as they''ve got two legs!! They would be free or cheap at best, I for one would rather trust NW to get the job done to NCFC''s best advantage.

Can anyone name the real ''Core'' players we have lost since last year.... of all the people who have gone, I haven''t disagreed with any of the deals. All where fringe players at best. Look how much extra quality & experience we''ve got than this time two seasons ago.

Looking at the rest of the CC I can''t see anyone with our attacking force, and thats crucial in this league. I have tried to look for reasons for us to struggle but I just can''t find them. I would worry far more if I was a Southampton (Phillips gone, Crouch & Niemi going, Redknapp retired) or Palace (One man band & penalty getter Johnson wants out) fan. The Binners have lost most of their core players & Wolves have too much self doubt ever to be truly successful!!

The reality of replacing the players who have left is that we have to wait for the Prem clubs need to move first.

Reason 1 - It could free up funds if Francis or Green do go, wouldn''t want to get a load more Free''s signed up by start of July, only to find we have £3-5m quid in the bank & no squad places left by the beginning of August!

Reason 2 - Players are not willing to commit to a CCC until all their Prem options are closed.

The Prem clubs leave it late to save on wages so we have to wait longer, it ain''t fair but hats life!

We''ve come a long way in the last couple of seasons, lets not resort to knee jerk reactions because we can''t field 22 players for a meaningless friendly.

Sorry to go on but just Keep calm, Keep the faith & trust in NW...we''re going to win this division by at least 9 points!!

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When you say now are you talking about July 13th now or this transfer window till Aug 31st ???

I''m not suggesting for a minute that we leave it till the january window!!

But there is at least 3 weeks till start of the season & 6 till this window closes.

Patience my fellow believer!

(From a Midland Canary!)

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I agree totally it''s a bit to early too be shooting ourselves,
but never underestimate how long it takes to blend a squad together
if were getting a bunch of players in late then it''s not ideal. It
would make more sense to have a balanced squad of players you want
and be able to work with them over the summer.

it''s been very badly done, and this week needs a lot of moves, because
we can''t wait too much longer.

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