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mrs miggins

Player Ratings

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Ruddy - 4 - needs to defend his box better. Perhaps should get a 5 for his world class save.

Martin - 2.5 - Display was even worse than whittaker. Poor passing and poor defending, especially for the goal.

Bennet - 7 - Perhaps should give him a 6 because he seemed to get mixed up with Martin for the goal, however he was extremely well composed on the ball and didn''t dither on it like Bassong. Also its great to see a CB who can use his head, either going back to the GK or heading it up the pitch - no more heading it to the oppositions number 10.

Bassong - 4 - Dithered with the ball like the Bassong of old. Wasn''t strong enough in the air either. Made a few good runs with the ball...but that shouldn''t be his job.

Brady - 4 - Worked hard but nothing really came off.

Tettey - 5 - Poor first half but really tried to drive the team on with some nice play in the second.

Jarvis - 4 - Exactly the type of performance he used to put in for West Ham. Got right to the by-line and just floated the ball onto the other side of the box, really poor deliveries, but again worked hard.

Howson - 2 - Didn''t help Tettey enough and his passing...well shall I just say kicking the ball in the general direction of any player on the pitch, wasn''t good enough. I really like him as a (box to box) player, but he''s in poor form and needs to be dropped.....yet who else have we got? VVO I don''t think is good enough. Do we wait for Howson to come back into form?

Redmond - 5 - Not good enough with his one on ones and his passing and movement wasn''t good enough. Also missed a good chance.

Hoolahan - 5 - Always gets bullied out of the game against Pulis teams and should''ve been brought off earlier.

Mbokani - 6 - Would like to give him a higher rating as he tried his best and did really well with the balls that were put up to him, however he didn''t get the service due to West Brom being so compact. Some really nice touches and I think he''s a cracking player.


Jerome - 5 - Needed to come on earlier. Two beasts up front. We have to start winning dirty when plan A isn''t working.

I expect the next team to be:






Are these ratings too harsh, too soft?

What was your take on the game?

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I dread to think what will happen in that man city game. Is it too soon for Mulumbu. Surely wisdom is worthy of a run out at rb as the other 2 are quite clearly useless. Maybe vadis too.

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I''m afraid we tried Wisdom at RB and he was worse than Martin and Whittaker put together...which is saying something.

He was better in the second half in the game he played, but that first half was worse than the Jon Otsemobor days!

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