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Horse Renoir

So Annoying

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Everything about that match was winding me up so much!

Bias commentators backing every decision when we could all see the mistakes

Our inability to play one decent final ball again

Patrick Bamfords face

Every second ball falling to them

The time wasting

Clayton''s hair

Their players taking forever with injuries

Them having an annoyingly brilliant defence

Karanka''s face and irritating grin

Hoolahan having one of those frustrating games

Us getting caught out with every single simple ball over the top

Howson hiding

Not one decent corner

Ayala having the game of his life

''Boro probably playing the best football they''ve played all year tonight

And you could see exactly how that game was going to turn out within the first 5 minutes...

That was so frustrating I''m going to have to go do some laps to unwind. I hate football sometimes!

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Haha I like this and pretty much agree with it all.

I really wanted to see BJ after Clayton, he really wound me up. I suppose games like tonight is why winning is so sweet. And the ending the day to finish close to 90 points is a brilliant season. It''s a bit of a phenomenon to have 4 teams doing it.

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