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  1. Well done Hughton, just when I thought you were turning things around you fu*k it up again. Stop belittling us!
  2. Segura was like shit stuck to a blanket. Good thing we finally got rid of him. You would have known that if you saw him live youngster. Leopard out.
  3. None of your replies to this thread have been helpful or contributed, that shows your low intelligence. Leopard out.
  4. Call me a loon again youngster, and you''ll be kissing the ground if we ever meet in real life. You need to straighten up and show some proper respect, please I don''t like this. Leopard out.
  5. Youngsters like you so often forget the old and good times like the klixen and drunkenness during the match. You wouldn''t have survived 10 seconds, because my fist would of been rammed through your colon for that type of attitude. Leopard out.
  6. I was there that night sitting in the south stand... such a shame that it is just not the same climate anymore. I remember throwing coins onto the pitch with everyone else for a laugh, that just doesn''t happen anymore. Leopard out.
  7. shitty1st stop attacking me and launching viscous attacks on me. Do you do this to everyone...binner?
  8. Back in the days of Saunders, I was there, we wouldn''t have signed thugs like him. Some of you should do well to know that and remember the clubs history. Leopard out.
  9. Can the mods help? I''m being attacked. Leopard out.
  10. I express my opinion and this is my treatment? You''ll have to do a better job than that scumbag. How does the championship feel lol? Come back in 20 years. Leopard out.
  11. Hey what the fuck bro, i''m not a binner! I''ve supported the club through thick and thin. Leopard out.
  12. It''s not a wind up I swear I just want my opinion to be debated.
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