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  1. Once again I had the misfortune to be at a game where another team ended their abysmal run at our expense. We didn''t play badly until we had the goal in our sights and then we were terrible. Bamford was loudly booed by the Palace fans when he came on, and on yesterday''s showing it''s easy to see why. He looked utterly disinterested, did next to nothing, and when presented with a shooting chance in the box, instead dollied a pass to a Palace defender. We need players with some fight in them, and he is clearly not up for it. Send him back and save some money is my advice!
  2. Just to be positive, in 1972/73 we went 19 games without a win before we sneaked past Chelsea, busted a gut at WBA and then Dave Stringer sent us mad against Palace (were they still called the Glaziers then?) You might remember Frank McGhee writing in The Mirror after a particularly poor 0-0 draw at home to Ipswich in November that "Norwich wouldn''t win another game all season". Well. I''ve refused to buy The Mirror ever since, and indeed at the League Cup semi final against Chelsea the chant from the Barclay was "In the River" I wonder if he ever came to Carrow Road again? Anyway, the point is that there are still eight games to go and we have only not won for eleven matches, so let''s cheer up and wear our plastic bags with pride when we are in Lidl.
  3. I think the package could be to put our underpants in.
  4. I''ve always felt that money can burn holes in experienced managers'' pockets. There is no doubt that our January signings are not up to much and that we could probably have spent the money more wisely. If a player cannot get into his own side''s first team, and that first team is decidedly mid-table, then why would he suddenly become a world beater playing for us? Far better to purchase players who are performing well for their teams, even if their team is not in the Premier League. If in doubt as to how effective a goal scorer might be, then I suggest my tried and tested method of just consulting a Rothmans Year Book! I suspect that next season we will have to try and off load a number of players at a loss, which may be easier said than done....
  5. A dreary journey back from South Wales to look forward to.... As I said before, it''s all about quality (or the lack of it). I can only cheer myself up with the thought that as Man City have run riot today, maybe they will be complacent come Saturday. Brian Glanville''s immutable Law of The Ex was once again our undoing!
  6. Good luck to all on the Cabbage. Let''s hope it''s only the fans that are asleep at the start of the game - unlike on Tuesday night. Some of you may be old enough to remember the late licence on a Saturday afternoon in the pubs around the market such as the Fruiterers and the Ironmongers. This could be the undoing of many of us during the summer when there was no football. During the season, however, you could get a good bottle of brown ale in the hut behind the Barclay. If the game was boring, which it often was, we would stay in there and then return to the terraces for a kip. I found this quite acceptable unlike our central defence....
  7. Let''s face it, the players aren''t really good enough. If they were we would not be in the position we are in. On the positive side let''s look forward to winning some games in the Championship next season. My major disappointment is that, in my view, none of the signings this season have really improved upon what we already had. This just confirms my belief that it is dangerous to give inexperienced managers money to spend.
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