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  1. star_manic wrote the following post at 30/06/2012 3:54 PM: sorry, but the idea that anyone could start this thread is beyond a joke. it is totally disrespectful to hughton.      hardly disrespectful / more my opinion  ( i have nothing against hughton or the club )  
  2. well some really good points made and have to admit i may have been alittle quick off the mark and wrong with somethings maybe alitte disapointed by the first signing ( i will always give them a chance when playing ) i hope i am wrong about CH it is just my first impression Norwich are in really good shape and we just need a few good signings to continue upwards and to safeguard the clubs future , if his first signing had been say naughton my thoughts would have been wow !!! good we really do mean business this year.  just abit flat after signing a squad player but you have to sign them when they are available not in any order !
  3. This is my opinion on things so i would like your feed back but no Slating please I didnt really want to post messages like this due to my low post count and didnt think people would take my view serious , i can hear the cries he is a binner a sore losing rangers fan , time will tell but is hughton to nice ? he got kicked out of newcastle didnt  say a word ! joined birmingham told after a few weeks no money things went from bad to worse with owner again chris just got on with his work didnt say anything or leave Now some might say wow what a Gentleman we dont want a trouble maker at Norwich ( i agree ) BUT has he the backbone we need ? i know time will tell but this first signing has me worried is he just a yes man ? i will buy cheap  not to upset anyone approach or ambitious i want the best we can afford push  like we are now used to before he came here , i know it was a rumour and nothing set in stone / paper talk but i can see people like leon best joining us and i am one worried ! MY TIN HAT IS ON !!!!!!!  
  4. Wondering where the club will do the interviews ?? i seem to remember  a hotel near stansted was used for a manger job interview once before  or was that signing a player ? i am guessing they wont do it at carrow road to keep it as secret as possible your thoughts please
  5. yes but till the ink is dry always a maybe ( i must admit i dont know when this was agreeded)  
  6. bookies dont normally go that short unless its going to happen good manger but would have been nice to try something alittle different  
  7. leaving croatia after euros says on wiki that he is going to loko moscow but can we jump in if not signed and sealed ?
  8. do you think this could be the right time to try something a bit different like a foreign manager ? i understand the 2 you mentioned do know the league and maybe safe option which we might need in the 2nd year  of premiership  but will they push us on ??  
  9. I Tink it would be so exciting to get something different i know he might not have english football experience which is a major bonus but on the other hand he will know different tactics and young up and coming players for his own country could be either a very  good blend or a disaster as he knows nothing about the league
  10. Hi all 1st post so be kind , I have been reading all about which manger next ?  And i havent seen anyone yet that excites me i trust Mcnally will pull someone to be the out of the hat like he did last time But who is that man outside the box ?? i dont mean hughton ,or any of the others there must be some really good young manager like the New Lambert that Nobody has mention home or abroad but i just cannot get OGS  out of my head to be the one !   So IF you reply its not a thread on any of the normal names it must be someone maybe not on the betting odds who you think should be named !   oh by they way before anyone asks i have been a fan since early 80''s read this forum for at least 6 years without posting used to play to quite a high standard i also heard lambert had agreed verbally to join villa before last game of season from believe it or not a youth team coach at Norwich ( i cannot believe if he knew how it didnt get out more than rumours !  , which i know 2 of also i do know some pro footballers but none here at Norwich ! tin hat at ready !!
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